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Thousands of people daily walk around the premises of a resort, a sports stadium, a theme or water park. Several age groups and hundreds of thousands of cash moving from right to left, An overwhelming scenario in which any unforeseen circumstances has to be handled cautiously, quick and precisely. Something that can be easily covered with the smart wearables.


Easygoband comes up with its RFID (radio frequency identification) technology solutions to ensure the best in class security system for your hospitality business. As a result of identifying each user through a unique code via smart wearable technology, fraud is successfully tackled and completely vanished. Each and every wearable such wristbands are completely personal and non-transferable, therefore any chance of fraudulently reselling tickets is suppressed.

Additionally, the wearable chip becomes a kind of warehouse in which the data gets stored. It then goes through Easygobands software as a kind of virtual wallet that enables users to pay for all their drinks without having to use any cash and with just a single wrist gesture, which enhances security by avoiding possible losses and stealing cash.


In addition to what has been said, this solution helps keep under control underage alcohol consumption and alert staff members of known allergies or intolerance that the guests may have. Hence, having so detailed information available, let companies have the ability to react when an unforeseen circumstance may arise.

Thus, whenever a user interacts with the business through the wearable, the system gathers and stores information about the action being performed, therefore any arrival, return and departure is securely saved in the system, which favors a greater control over the hotel or resort capacity in each spot.

All of the above, can be achieved without having to modify the current business system, while offering the guest a hassle free experience. Consequently, the hotel or resort earns better customer satisfaction and reviews, more visibility and a enhanced brand image. So, advanced security translates into more bookings and therefore in higher income.