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With Goguest you won’t have to change anything, we integrate with all PMS, POS, locks and third-party software

Robust, agile, simple and secure platform

Flexible and versatile

A configurable tool that allows adapting to the hotel’s requirements, being able to define them in terms of consumption, products and services.

Unlimited extensions

We create small developments that adapt to business operations at the time it is needed.

Fast integration

With our method, integration is easy and fast, in just 10 days everything will be working.

Do you have questions?
No problem

Check our Faq section on the right or write your inquiry directly.


Is it compatible with my PMS and other software and systems?

Yes, Goguest integrates easily with all PMS, POS, locks and other business systems, it does not require any changes. The platform has a direct communication with the other software transferring the information they need and requesting the one that is required.

Would my current hardware work for me?

Yes, you won’t have to change anything. On some occasions and depending on the needs of the business, it may be possible that you need to acquire readers, tablets, kiosks or some other device to obtain the best performance of the functionalities offered by Goguest.

When can I get the whole system up and running?

In less than 10 days you can have your entire hotel or park fully digitized and using all contactless, cashless, access control, influx, web app for customers, pre check-in, room service orders, service reservation, control and material loans, business intelligence (big data) and many more.

Do workers need to have a more technical profile?

No, in order to use all the tools, no technical knowledge is required. They will receive a week of face-to-face training at their hotel or park to learn how Goguest works.

Do I have support after platform integration?

Yes, you will have 24/7 support at no additional cost.

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