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About the hotel

The property has a privileged beachfront location, proximity to the best nightclubs in Cancun, variety of travel plans and gastronomic diversity.

Krystal Cancun counts on 502 rooms, 9 consumption center, 6 rooms for large events and 1 swimming pool with panoramic views to have relaxing baths while watching the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

A pioneer in the reknown Santafe Group

The wonderful Krystal Cancun is the first property of Grupo Santafe to be part of the Goguest hotel family. Since its opening on June 21, 2023, Krystal Cancun has been operating with the Goguest platform, which has made possible the control of many aspects, as well as an enhanced and autonomous experience for guests.

The background

Krystal Cancun has restaurants on the property for both guests and non-guests. It started to become a problem how to identify which of these were guests and which were not and whether they could be charged to the room or not. Not being able to distinguish between guests and non-guests also posed a problem, as it facilitated fraud and the smuggling of wristbands that resulted in the ease with which non-guests had to be at the resort. With the implementation of Goguest App the property has not only been able to resolve these issues but also, through the use of a customized extension, know the type of boarding or meal plan of the guests.

The project

Total control for success

Keeping in mind the needs concerning the internal management to control certain processes, Goguest team was studying how would be the most suitable way to implement the platform to fulfill the gaps Krystal Cancun was experiencing and above all, to provide with add value to the great experience already offered by the resort. After a first phase of scouting these are the functionalities implemented to cover the specific needs of Krystal Cancun:

Wristbands stock control : In this property it was key to have a wristband management, fully digitized, allowing precise tracking at all times of the inventory of each type of wristband and its specific location. This way it the security of the wearables in order not to suffer fraud was possible.

Access control : Access control to different areas of the facility is facilitated through portable or desktop devices. Besides, this functionality adds as well another layer of security and control to the internal management.

Guests Identification: With an Android device, the guest can be identified by reading the bracelet, allowing the necessary operations to be carried out according to the hotel’s needs..

Material loan: According to the auditory proccess in the initial phase, it was clear that this module was fundamental in this property. Thus, Krystal Cancun is the only hotel that uses it, with the towel lending function, which turns this process, which is usually more complex than it seems, into a simple gesture. A gesture that increased the towel loan a breathtaking 514% in the six first months.

Room access : The system is integrated with the lock manufacturer, allowing the generation of room keys in a single step. Simultaneously, it enables the NFC device (Wristband or card) to perform the other necessary operations by the guest.

Reporting : The platform has a reporting system that records all events, both guests and operators. These reports are available for download and facilitate internal management.

24/7 Support team : Krystal Cancun has the support of the Goguest support team to address any incident that may arise. The resolution of these incidents will be carried out considering their severity and urgency.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) : This document compiles the various incidents that can be attributed to the Goguest system, as well as the associated estimated resolution times.

Goguest App: In addition to the functionalities described above, Krystal Cancun, also has Goguest’s hotel web app, as the simplicity and autonomy it offers guests to manage their stay and the amount of information that staff can monitor from them to convert it into tailored offers and increase sales, is surprisingly useful at both levels, revenue and guest experience.

  • General information : The webapp comprehensively collects information corresponding to both guests and members of a joint reservation, including personal data, transactions and reservations made..
  • Room Service : The platform facilitates ordering from mobile devices for in-room delivery. Payment can be made directly by credit card through a charge to the room. This service showed in its 6th month in use an increase of the 59%.
  • Services and activities reservation : The mobile app allows reservations to be made for all services and activities offered by the hotel. In addition to managing the reservation, users have the option of making the corresponding payment in the case of paid services, either per guest or per reservation. This functionality also extends to restaurants and attractions. This module bridges the gap that many properties with similar characteristics to the Krystal Cancun experience when it comes to communicating to guests the full catalog of activities and services they have to offer. The best witness to this is the 227% growth in activity reservations shown in its sixth month of use.