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About the hotel

Strategically located in Cancun (Mexico) hotel area, the Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe with its 540 rooms offers to its guests an incomparable experience of luxury and comfort.

It counts within the resort apart from the 540 rooms, a wide gastronomical offer which can be enjoyed in any of its 8 restaurants and completed by a drink in one of the 4 bars that can be found. To the facilities described, a gym, different pools and several spas complete the offer available at the hotel.

Following the inheritance and the path described by Hilton

Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe joins as the latest of six Hilton properties with which Goguest has established a partnership. Opening on November 11, 2023, this exclusive all-inclusive hotel has successfully operated with the Goguest platform since its inception.

The background

There are already five precedents as part of a larger alliance, however, with this new addition to the Hilton firm, they wanted to continue with the successful dynamics generated with Goguest and the different functionalities implemented in the rest of the properties as a consequence of the excellent results obtained in them.

Pursuing the optimization of resources in internal management and a unique and elevated guest experience, at Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe they wanted to offer a technological and modern solution that would allow both, effortlessly and with simplicity. It also was key to be able to make possible to show all the catalog of the activities available.

The project

One solution, multiple possibilities and a revenue powerhouse

To fullfil the excellence in guest experience and the increase revenue expectations, together the property and Goguest decided, after an exhaustive auditory of the particularities and needs of this singular hotel, to count on the following features and functionalities:

Guests identification:  Through the read of a wearable it allows to obtain all the information associated to the guest included their preferences and habits which makes easier to the hotel to offer them with tailored promotions according to them.

Room charge: This functionality allows for hassle-free payments, automatically charging the expenses associated with the wearables to the room account.

Stock control: Enables mass scanning via barcode or QR codes to move large quantities of wearables from one logistical location to another avoiding fraud.

Access control: Allows by reading the wearable to identify and verify if a guest has access to a certain service or area of the hotel. 

Integration system with locks and lockers: This functionality allows guests to use their wearables to open room doors, safes, parking lots and spa lockers, with the ability to customize the business logic to the hotel’s needs.

Support 24/7 (SLA): The customer has the backing of Goguest’s support team to deal with any incident that may arise. The resolution of these incidents will be carried out considering their severity and urgency.

Reporting and metrics: Detailed reports and metrics of the results obtained in real time by the establishment.

Webapp: Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe also has our Goguest App, a revenue powerhouse that has already helped other properties of the firm to take the guest experience to another level. Although it has the capacity of several modules and possibilities, the all-inclusive resort, sits on this main two key pillars:

  1. Room Service: Which allows room service orders to be placed without the need to call the front desk. This functionality registered a +126% increase in this service in the second month of its opening.
  2. Activitities reservation: Guests can book activities and excursions directly from the app, which not only makes it easier for the guest to manage and handle their stay agenda, but also allows the hotel the possibility of displaying the full catalog of its offer, something that is often a challenge to achieve. The increase in activity bookings through the app showed an increase of 127% already in the second month of its opening.
The Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe and the Goguest team posing together at the implementation