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About the property

The Hard Rock Riviera Maya hotel, located in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula, offers an all-inclusive experience that combines luxury and satisfaction in an incomparable setting.

This All Inclusive counts on 1.264 rooms, 12 bars and restaurants; and also a gym, spa, beauty salon, several pool and a bunch of activities such bowling or golf.

The first of many to come from RCD Hotel group

The incredible Hard Rock Riviera Maya, joined the Goguest hotel family in November 2022, and marked the first stone of the solid relationship we maintain with the other additions that have been added since then and are now part of the team.

The background

Hard Rock Riviera Maya, wanted to implement a system that would allow internal operations to have total control of the movements within their facilities. In order to identify if any type of fraud was occurring within their facilities due to the lack of wristband control and the presence of unwanted “so-called guests”, it was imperative to have a solution that could guarantee that level of control.
In order to bridge that gap, the RCD and Easygoband teams started working together to find the best way to adapt Goguest to their needs. And so we did.

The project

Control is key

In addition to the control needs they had, the property also required the assurance of security, i.e., the security of feeling that if something happened, someone would have their back. Furthermore, they did not want this quest for control and security to somehow affect their guests’ experiences and their perception of safety.

With all this on the table, these are the funcionalities that Goguest operates with to get all covered in Hard Rock Riviera Maya:

  • Stock of Wristbands The management of wristbands is completely digitized, allowing an accurate tracking at all times of the inventory of each type of wristband and its specific location.
  • Guest identification Using an Android device, guests can be identified by reading the bracelet, allowing the necessary operations to be carried out according to the hotel’s needs.
  • Access control: Allows by reading the wearable to identify and verify if a guest has access to a certain service or area of the hotel. It also allows the guests to access their rooms.
  • Support 24/7: The customer has the backing of the Goguest support team to address any issues that may arise. The resolution of these incidents will be carried out considering their severity and corresponding urgency.
  • Reporting and Metrics: Detailed reports and metrics of the results obtained in real time by the establishment are provided.

Since the introduction of Goguest in November 2022, the customer experience has reached new heights, with personalized and efficient service. It has revolutionized the way guests interact with the hotel, enabling seamless communication and facilitating the personalization of services.