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One of the largest water attractions in Mexico, the Aqua Nick Water Park offers all Nickelodeon fans the best themed premium vacation experience.

Resort and water park digitization

The main objective was to create a completely digital environment for both the Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Hotel and Aqua Nick Water Park, in order to improve the user experience and management efficiency.

The Nickelodeon Riviera Maya hotel has the particularity of being an amusement park as well as a resort, in addition, there is a water park, so the challenge to manage internal operations and guests/visitors becomes greater, as the resort and parks operate with different software for access control, so it is necessary to integrate both, in order to manage the operations properly. Visitors (people who will come to the water park) and guests (people staying at Nick Resort who have access to the park included) are managed in different and have many more features than visitors.

The resort is made up of 280 rooms, 6 restaurants, 3 bars, 1 swimming pool, 1 spa and the Aqua Nick water park with 609 meters of slides and more than 500 meters of rivers, Aqua Nick store, Nick Bistro restaurant, fast food gazebos, kiosks, lockers and towel racks.

Goguest, the 360 digitalization platform

The operations management of the entire site for both hotel and water park, and all the different functionalities such as access control, lockers, physical ticket sales, payments, photo service,… are carried out through Goguest, Easygoband’s digitalization system for the hospitality industry, which acts as a hub centralizing and enabling all these operations.

The necessary functionalities for making the most out of Goguest solution

  1. Access control Guests can request access to areas not included in their reservation and it will be to their bracelet. The hotel can grant access and control the areas that guests can access to.
  2. Material loan The loan of towels or any other object that the guest may need will be recorded on guests bracelet, so keeping everything under control is now easier.
  3. Cashless payments Guests can drink and eat or buy products easily with their bracelet, whether it is a consumption included in their reservation or one out of the all-inclusive.
  4. Guest app Through the guest webapp, they can manage their stay as soon as the check-in is completed through to checkout. Guests can reserve services and activities, as well as tables in restaurants, room service, room requests or complete satisfaction surveys.
  5. Tokenization Guests can consume any type of service within the hotel and exchange it at the point of sale by simply bringing the bracelet closer to the reader enabled for this purpose.
  6. Internal management app The internal management app provides full control to hotel staff over many features such as reservations, material loans, etc.
  7. Portable POS The portable POS facilitates the consumption of any product anywhere in the site.

Aqua Nick: in this case Goguest integrates with the access control software, as opposed to Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Resort which does not require it

For Aqua Nick, it is necessary to differentiate between guests and visitors, since the functionalities needed for one are greater than for the others, therefore the operation for each group will be different.

As soon as the check-in has been completed, complete access to the park is available and services are linked to their bracelet, so they will not have to go through the box office to validate the ticket or buy food vouchers, they just have to put their bracelet close to the NFC reader and enjoy the services.

In addition to access to the park, guests have an assigned locker, a towel, and consumption at the Nick Bistro and fast food gazebos included. If you want to buy photo packages or drinks, you can do so at the kiosks installed in the park for this purpose. These packages will be registered on the wristband and can be collected at the points of sale. In case of making an order in the bistro not included in the reservation, the process would be the charge to the room.

In the case of visitors, they can purchase their tickets both online and onsite. In both options, they will have to go to the box office, in the first case to present the QR (received at the time of purchase) and receive the bracelet according to their ticket and the packages they have purchased with it (towel, locker, food, drink…). In the second, purchase the ticket and packages with the services/products they prefer and receive the bracelet that includes it. Once visitors with online and onsite tickets have their bracelets, they will have to go to the turnstyle and bring their bracelets close to the reader to validate their ticket, and access to the venue will be granted.

Once inside, if they have purchased a towel and/or locker in their package, they can go there to make use of them just by bringing their bracelet to the NFC reader enabled in the area for that purpose. If the user did not purchase them with their ticket, you can always do so inside the park at the kiosks, as well as packages of food, drinks, and photos,… which you can then exchange at each point of sale.