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Guest experience platform and digitization of hotels and resorts

Goguest offers a guest experience and management solution. A unique system that improves communication between staff and guests, and between all hotel software (PMS, POS, devices and other software)

A hub which peers and communicates with all your hotel, improving guest experience and hotel management

Goguest has been designed for the hospitality sector. It easily adapts to hotel chains and well as medium-sized hotels where efficient management, as well as great guest experience, is needed.


Identifying your guests will be easy and fast through the bracelets or any other device you choose. You will avoid mistakes and manage the stays in an agile and safe way.

Guest portal (web app)

Your guests will be able to manage their stay whenever they want and from their own smartphone or any other device with internet access. Easy, without waiting and without taking up a phone line.


Goguest creates a centralized communication system between all services, operators, guests and hotel software.

PMS, POS, Locks Integration

The Goguest console integrates with your PMS, POS, lock system and restaurants. You will be able to control and manage your entire hotel from a single place.

Modules and add-ons

Goguest has developed specific modules for the hotel sector. If the hotel requires it, we can develop and integrate any type of solution within the system.


Our system easily adapts to the business logic of each hotel. Integration in less than 10 days and without the need to change any current provider.

Hotels and & theme parks that already work with us

The complete guide to digitize your hotel or theme park

This detailed case study will help you understand how to benefit from our Goguest solution. It includes answers to the problems raised by the hotel, and the necessary investment. As well as the yields and economic benefits.

“Reservations increased widely by 300% within a week”

Toni MuñozProject Director

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Goguest FAQ

What is Goguest platform?

The Goguest platform is a system that connects all the software and hardware of your hotel or park to digitize all areas of your business, offering multiple functionalities through a single solution, adaptable and scalable to new technological needs.

Why do I need Goguest?

If your business is in the hospitality sector and what you are looking for is an easy-to-use system where you have everything under control through a single platform, Goguest is what you need. You will increase security, efficiency and revenue while offering an unbeatable experience to your customers.

What benefits will I get from my hotel?

You will obtain benefits in profitability, income, time and cost savings, more security together with anti-covid measures, knowing your customers’ consumption in addition to its traceability to plan commercial strategies and eliminate theft and loss. A new way to interact with guests.

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