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The wearable that connects the guest with the entire hotel

Choose the wearable (bracelets, rings, stickers, cards...) that best suits your needs. Your guests will be able to access different areas of the hotel, make payments, borrow material and much more.

Speed up queues

An ultra-fast system for the guest that streamlines hotel management processes.

100% contactless

You will create a contactless environment in all hotel rooms. You will minimize the risks of contagion.

Minimize errors

The operators will be able to read the wearables and thus obtain the precise information of the guest.

Contactless accesses

Streamline and simplify the way your guests access the different areas of the hotel while maintaining a cleaner and safer environment.

  • Individual or group access control system
  • Access to restaurant
  • Access to services, activities and excursions
  • Access to room

Guest ID

Minimize management errors and ensure that operators obtain correct and accurate information from the guest.

  • Allergies or food requirements for each guest
  • Restrictions for minors
  • Consumption limits based on the needs of each guest

Contactless payments and charge to room

Increases spending per guest and decreases consumption friction. Guests will be able to easily make payments with just their bracelet or other wearable.

  • Link the credit card to the wearable
  • Room charges
  • Set group or individual consumption limits
  • Enables punctual payments for access for services not included

Loan system

You will be able to configure a catalog with the objects available to clients, deliver them when they need them and keep track of all the objects on loan.

These products are associated with a currency with which they can be exchanged.
If it’s necessary.

Using an Android device the operator selects the object and reads the guest’s bracelet.

Hotels and parks that already work with us

Awesome product. The agile methodology is really valuable, and it greatly adds comfort to our guests.

Noelia LlanezaAudit Director

Easygoband enables us to get different and enhanced communications with our guests at the water park.

Dolores SalgadoDirector

Reservations increased widely by 300% within a week

Toni MuñozProject Director

Do you have questions? No problem

Please check our Faq section to the right or write your inquiry directly.


What do you mean by wearable?

A wearable is a small object to which RFID technology is incorporated so that it can be used by the guest and can be used to make payments, access areas, access reservations, etc.

What types of wearables can I use in my hotel?

Any object can be turned into a wearable. The most common are bracelets, rings, cards, stickers, necklaces…

How does the wearable connect to the Goguest system?

When the guest checks-in at the hotel reception, they are assigned a wearable that has an identifier. This identifier is the one that will be associated with the guest throughout their stay, so any action performed by the guest through the web app or the operator through the panel will be linked to the wearable.

How can I keep track of all my wearables?

One of the features offered by the Goguest system is wearables stock control. You will be able to have each of the wearables under control and know their status at all times (in stock, under repair, being used, in transit…)

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