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Generating too high expectations causes frustration and disenchantment. And when we plan a long-awaited trip, it is clear that we unintentionally create an ideal getaway in our imagination. An idea that we transfer to the entire experience of our trip, which includes the place where we will stay. And what role does the hotel or resort play in that desired guest experience?

Since the choice of hotel is one of the fundamental aspects when planning the trip, as it becomes a kind of home in which you take refuge and where you rest after a long day, it is important to be adjusted to the needs of each guest. Managing to optimise the experience of the hotel stay translates into greater guest loyalty and, consequently, in an increase in profitability for the hotel.

Technological keys to improve the guest experience

Below, we list some of the possibilities offered by technology aimed at creating a substantial improvement in the guest experience:

1.Check in online

It is a solution that allows your guests to manage the check-in (and check-out) process from any device, quickly, easily and securely. Likewise, it avoids crowds at the front desk, speeds up waiting times and reduces costs by minimising paper consumption, which also favours sustainability.

2.Room directory

Creating a digital room directory accessible through a QR code is an excellent option to provide up to date and always available information to the guest during their stay. In addition, it can be customised based on user preferences. This way, you can access all the hotel services to request one or another of them and, in addition, have at your disposal tourist recommendations from the place you are visiting. And furthermore, it offers the possibility of checking the activities and even hiring a shuttle to visit areas of the city where the hotel is located.


Customer relationship management is another fundamental pillar when it comes to improving your experience since it centralises the data of each of the guests. Customer information (contact details, reservation history, services used, orders and even opinions about their stay) is updated directly in the software used by the hotel. It is a central computer program that, in addition to collecting all this data, allows the hotel to have this updated information at any time enabling it to be able to offer a personalised service.

4.Contactless solutions

More and more hotels are committed to digitise their processes and creating contactless solutions. And even more so after the pandemic has forced society to reduce contact as much as possible. This way, guests can access their room and other areas, make contactless and cashless payments and even request services, such as room service or restaurant reservations.

5. Email marketing

Perhaps one of the simplest options, but also effective. Hotel email marketing helps increase hotel revenue, boost your brand and build guest loyalty. Likewise, it is an ideal tool to promote the different channels and social networks to interact with users and, thus, obtain a feedback from them.


Knowing what our guests think is vital to improve the user experience. Thanks to the collection of opinions and suggestions, the hotel can act to improve or change certain strategies, both operational and service wise.

7. Personalisation

Personalised services, information and products are a good strategy to turn the guest’s stay into an unforgettable experience that they will want to repeat and even recommend to their relatives and acquaintances . Due to this, the hotel has at its disposal all the possibilities mentioned above.

All in all, these are just some of the digital strategies that will help you meet and even exceed guest expectations. Focusing processes on the user allows them to improve their experience and provide a high added value; all this through differentiation and personalisation with the aim of making this experience unique, from the beginning to the end of the stay. And it is that, it is not enough to offer a stay, but you have also to create an experience that will be remembered in the long term.

Goguest: one solution, many possibilities

To achieve this, one of the resources that hotels have at their disposal is Goguest, an Easygoband solution that allows, from a single platform, a large part of the possibilities set out above. This is how Rafa Corral, CSO, explains it, who highlights that Goguest “integrates with all the hotel existing services, acting as a hub with a single control panel”. Likewise, “it allows total customisation according to the needs of the hotel and has several adds on that have an impact on improving the guest experience, including a Web App for services for guests that allows them to manage their stay from their mobile,” adds Corral.
In this sense, now having this solution to tackle the digital transformation of your hotel is much simpler. And it is that Easygoband, as a digitising agent adhered through the Next Generation aid of the Government of Spain, puts at your disposal the so-called ‘digital kit’. All this with the firm purpose of helping companies in the hotel sector with less than 50 employees to achieve digitisation. Something without is difficult today to be competitive, since adaptation is essential to achieve process management and an improvement in the guest experience without effort. You can check all the information here.