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The best experience for the guest, the best management for your hotel

Your guests will be able to manage their stay at the most convenient time.

The Goguest web app works on all mobiles, tablets and operating systems, as functional as native apps but without downloads or installation.

Start the contactless experience with the Goguest webapp

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Connect it to other tools

Your current PMS, app or any other third party software can be linked with the web app.

Customize and configure your app

Adapt it to your brand image and configure all the options and contents.

No need for wearables or bracelets

The functionalities in the app do not require any additional device.

Fully customizable web app

Choose the options you need in the web app for your hotel

Door opening with mobile

Your guests will have a 100% contactless experience in your hotel with our smart door opening system.

Our system works with the most important suppliers.

Table reservation system in hotel restaurants

Your guests will be able to reserve a table at any of your hotel restaurants, they will be able to make special requests or comments and your staff will be able to manage these reservations in real time as well as send automatic notifications to the guest informing them of the reservation status.

  • You will avoid duplicate reservations
  • Reservations may be numeral or nominative
  • Guests from different reservations can make joint reservations
  • Your operators will be able to identify guests with food allergies

Hotel activities reservation system

Reservations can be confirmed manually by staff or automatically. You can also configure the functionality so that confirmation emails are sent automatically to customers.

This solution is fully compatible with your current reservation system and can be easily connected.

You can configure the shifts of the activities or services and the maximum number of reservations that can be made at a certain time.

Staff will save time managing reservations and your guests will be able to book quickly and at the most convenient time for them.

Identification for access and payments by QR code

Identifies the guest using a QR code to validate access and reservations at entry points (restaurant, bar, spa, etc).

This functionality allows the guest to make specific payments should they not be included in their reservation.

Guest special requests

Your guests will be able to make requests through their mobile phones and choose between the different options available at the hotel: extra pillows, blankets, and toothbrushes and they will even be able to request paid items.

The operators will receive this information instantly and will be able to provide the service efficiently and reduce management times.

Online check-in to save time at reception and facilitate management

  • Your guests will be able to upload the necessary documents before their arrival at the hotel.
  • You just have to identify yourself at reception, get your key or wearable and leave your bags.
  • This system guarantees minimum reception times to enjoy the hotel facilities as soon as possible and without crowds.

Orders to take to the guest room

With the interactive product catalog, guests will be able to view the products, their ingredients, allergen information, customize the ingredients and make comments when necessary.

Staff receive these orders on their devices and will be able to inform the guest of the status of their order (accepted, rejected, completed)

This functionality is compatible with the following payment methods

  • Direct payment via tokenized card
  • Charge to room
  • All included (it is added to the room without charge)

Questionnaires and satisfaction surveys

  • Your guests will be able to fill out health questionnaires before arrival, give their feedback at the time they want and answer surveys.
  • Allow your customers to fill out satisfaction surveys after enjoying any service, installation or at any time.
  • In addition, you will be able to collect information in the final review once the guest’s stay has ended and thus measure general satisfaction.

Improve the guest experience with features designed especially for them

Analyse, control and measure the behavior of guests in your hotel

Get the most out of your investment with the extras Goguest offers

  • The web app can be configured with up to 5 languages
  • You will be able to do an analysis of the entrances and exits and have control of influxes
  • You will have personalized reports and access to important metrics for your hotel

Any questions?
No worreis

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What is a web app and what are its advantages?

A web app is a web page that is optimized for use on mobile as a native app. It can be opened from any browser and there is no need to download any application by the user.

How do my guests access the web app?

The first time guests access the web app can be in several ways:

The hotel sends a link to the guest’s e-mail and from there the web app is opened

What happens if guests don't know how to use the web app?

The Goguest web app is very intuitive and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required to operate it.

For those hotels that need it, we have some information pills that guests can see the first time they access the web app.

Can it be accessed from any device?

Exactly, that is why, among other things, we have developed a web app and not an app. Guests will be able to access quickly without downloading any application and from any device, be it PC, tablet or mobile.

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