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Easygoband, a technology company specialised in digitising hotels and resorts, offers its services as a digitising agent through the aid offered by the Government of Spain through the Digital Kit initiative. The digital Kit has an allocation of 3,067 million euros, from European Next Generation funds, and will consist of different calls that will be addressed to different segments of SMEs and the self-employed.


Process management for hospitality industry

Goguest solution: Guest experience and management platform for hospitality industry

Goguest is a platform that integrates the different software (PMS, POS, locks and other third-party software) of the hotel and that provides new digitising functionalities adjusted to the hotel’s business logic.

List of functionalities

General and individual guest access, contactless payments, business intelligence, statistics, wearable stock control, guest web app that includes online check-in, room charge, room service orders, grab&go, activity reservations, restaurant reservations, test covid and special requests. The web app will be fully customizable to the hotel’s look&feel.


  • Consultancy. €2,500 Analysis and understanding of the hotel’s operating standards and the software involved in these processes.
  • Integration:
    • €1,500 per integration (with generic software)
    • €2,500 per integration (with own software)

(Neither of the 2 previous cases implies development by Easygoband. Only the integration work)

  • Implementation €1,500 – Technical and operational configuration of the necessary parameters for start-up
  • Training €1,500 – days includes travel but not accommodation and subsistence
  • Season licence €4,000

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