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Tourism sector has been experiencing a huge transformation for the past few years in order to adapt to clients’ new behaviours, needs and expectations, with the aim to improve guest stay experience as well as cost effectiveness of the business.

RFID Technology introduced by Easygoband for hotels is here to stay for good. It fulfills the hotel businesses digitalization with the goal of increasing guest bookings, getting more control over the business as well as increasing revenue.


Through RFID wristbands (or any other smart wearable device that the hotel precises) users can be identified independently and safely so that it enables the business to track and store all their activity in order to improve hotels management system and have access to very precious information. With this innovative technology, it will be possible to find out the room number of a given guest, retrieve important key information such guest user profiles in social media, guest favored drink or average daily expenditure among other data.


Thanks to cashless payments, hotels can increase their transactions security, as the wristband becomes a virtual wallet with the ability to top-up funds via mobile device. Access control, with the possibility to grant different access permits or controlling guest activity areas, crowd flow management and service booking are other functionalities fully customizable by the hotel.

Take away:
RFID technology makes more secure business and keeps them under control by getting rid of fraud in wristband stockage and other goods.

It is a fact that the tourism business will keep evolving, but guest embracement of this new technology and their new needs as well as wishes will make the transition to the digital paradigm much quicker and easy for the business.