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Efficient control & management of your entire hotel 

Your staff can attend guest's requests and be responsive to their needs at anytime.

“The staff app and in combination with the bracelet is just clever! It makes my confident and professional”

Vicente RocaHotel front desk

“I can update the status on any order and inform our guests without disturbing them”

Stefan BrookeRestaurant staff

“I get more things done in much less time and our guests really appreciate it.”

Yindra PereiraHotel manager

“I like the paperless environment and being able to help my guest even if I am away from the front desk.”

Dawn SmithHotel front desk

The staff app that helps your personnel be more agile and efficient

The staff app allows your personnel to complete and respond to all your guest's needs within seconds. In combination with the wearables becomes a powerful tool for maximizing tasks.

  • A paperless solution that allows guests to sign documents, receipts, add tips, and much more
  • Easy and quick guest access to different zones within the hotel
  • Manage and control reservations and orders
  • Provides staff with guest information such as allergies, comments…

Visualize and configure your hotel operations in one easy-to-use space

Our console allows you to configure your guest details as well as set up and customize all sort of details for the hotel and staff.

  • Set up different permits and roles for your staff
  • Control all the devices, zones, stocks, logs…
  • Set up currencies, exchange rates, discounts, tokens…
  • Configure spending limits and age restrictions

Make decisions based on real and accurate data

Generate personalized reports and metrics with the data that most interests you about guests and operators.


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