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In today’s business landscape, ongoing innovation and transformation is happening at a fast pace. Information or data is without a doubt the most powerful tool for a business, at this point in time. There are plenty of choices available for retrieving user data that ultimately leads to higher income for businesses. The data which will become a great ally for hotels, resorts and for the hospitality industry in general, aims to increase the turnover in a truly growing sector and whose competition is increasingly heinous.

Therefore, we should ask ourselves the following: Are we succeeding with our company’s goal and meeting our customers expectations? Nowadays, it is necessary to provide our guests or customers with what they wish for, at the very moment they need it. So, that one may come our way with the best of tools: RFID technology.


This technology has already been successfully implemented by Easygoband, it integrates quite smoothly within the current management system that the business is operating with and connects with wearable technology such as wristbands or any other available garments. This way, the system tracks and registers any activity that the user is performing at any given time (kind of drinks, entering and leaving times, etc), granting the business access to a very well defined intel about their guest without having to ask about their preferences, consumption habits or taste. Moreover, this wearables allows the guest or user to make cashless payments as well as many other actions with very little effort during their stay.


All this huge information package provides companies with a magnificent resource for getting to know guests or assistants with a deep level of detail. So that, we go from having generic information to very specific data about our clients. For instance, we could gather consumption habits and preferences based on age groups or by sex.

Guest dataThis solution gives companies the opportunity to create a database with each and every guest information, in order to improve their stay and their whole experience, while it benefits the hotel or music festival.

Surely you can’t wait to find out more about your users, right? We welcome you to join our digital transformation. We are here to solve your queries, so feel free to get in touch with our team. Likewise, we invite you to see our success stories, where you will be able to see how cashless payments, business intelligence and other functionalities have been implemented.