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Tourism is one of the sectors that moves the largest number of people per year and therefore generates large amounts of money. For this reason, there is a great number of competitors in the industry, so having good facilities and innovative and quality services makes a difference and helps us to retain our guests. Fortunately, technology allows hotel management to be optimized in a way never seen before.

Adapting to the diversity of payment methods that exist right now is already a crucial need in the management of any hotel or tourist accommodation. The sector evolves at the same pace as technology, which is why it is necessary to include technologies for the implementation and optimization of cashless payment, the safest, fastest and most convenient means of payment on the market.

What is cashless payment?

Cashless payment has spread in recent years (especially since the Covid pandemic) thanks to massive events such as fairs, festivals or concerts. It consists of a digital cashless payment system thanks to a mobile device (smartphone, digital watch, rechargeable bracelets) through a virtual currency and through the so-called NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

This NFC technology is a wireless communication system designed to facilitate communication between two technological devices within a short distance and without the need to be connected to the Internet. NFC enables the collection and exchange of data and wireless payments, thus eliminating cash and contact payments.

Benefits of the cashless payment system in hotels

Guests are increasingly demanding and are increasingly accustomed to using new technologies in their day-to-day lives, therefore offering them services and solutions adapted to their needs is essential to improve the experience of the host

The implementation of the cashless payment system in hotels is already a reality that entails a series of benefits that improve hotel and staff management and, above all, the customer experience. 

  • Increase spending per guest: This payment system favors consumption due to the greater agility of the service.
  • Information about the guest: Thanks to this technology, the hotel obtains a lot of information about the modes of consumption, the most purchased products and services, spending according to origin…
  • Improves the security of payments: The risk of losses or fraud is reduced since the application itself allows the implementation of security protocols.

But cashless payments obviously have benefits for travelers who decide to stay at your hotel:

  • Comfort: The guest only has to bring their mobile phone or cashless bracelet closer to pay for their consumption, without having to carry money or cards.
  • Payment of services and activities: The client can book tourist activities, excursions, or access restricted areas such as the gym or spa directly with their contactless device.
  • Expense control: Through an application, guests can see their movements and control what they have spent.

Devices for cashless payments

You know that you can pay without cash with your smartphone or with your smartwatch, but certain hotels choose to offer wearables such as wristbands to their guests. They are not only used to pay, but also to open the door of your room or to access restricted areas.

Thus, the guest can stop worrying about carrying money, mobile phones, cards and keys in any area of ​​the hotel, including the pool. 

At Goguest we have wearables that allow cashless payments in hotels:  

  • Works with your existing POS, PMS and RFID door locks:No need to replace any device or software, we are fully integrated with major platforms.
  • Applies limits or restrictions to specific wearable:Create spending limits or assign different guest profiles (kids, adults, underage…) to control who can use the services.
  • Increases your staff efficiency and improves billing process:Let your staff use the staff app to process cashless payments anywhere in your hotel quickly and efficiently.

Implementing this technology not only improves the guest experience, it also helps in hotel management. In addition, the commitment to digitalization is a factor that results in benefits for the hotel. And it is that offering cashless payments helps to increase consumption since the speed and agility to access consumption stimulates customers.