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Surely this has happened to you: you stay in a hotel and have a fabulous experience. You have a very cozy stay, the attention of the staff is perfect and you feel at home. Logically, you are going to recommend it to your relatives and you will want to go back. The same goes for the opposite, if you have a horrible experience, not only are you not going to recommend it, but you are going to discourage it and you will not return. 

That’s how important your customer experience is. As is knowing your opinion in order to apply changes and improvements. Taking care of the relationship with your client will give you a position of competitive advantage over your competitors and will allow you to improve in many aspects. Why is customer satisfaction so important? How to create a satisfaction survey? We will tell you all about it in this post!

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the way in which customer expectations are met or not met after receiving a service or trying a product. If the customer perceives that the product or service is better or equal to what he expected, his level of satisfaction will be high. And vice versa. 

These are the factors that you must take into account if you want customer satisfaction to be as positive as possible:

  • Brand image. The notoriety or popularity of the brand, the perception that the public has of your business.
  • Quality of the product or service. What you advertise is what you offer? Does it meet your customer’s needs?
  • Expectations. What your audience expects from your product or service. It is important to find a balance and not generate expectations that are much higher than what you can offer. 
  • Competition. Whatever the product or service is, we must take into account the references that our clients may have, since they will value your business based on other experiences. Users compare before making a purchase. 
  • Satisfaction of your customers. The experience of your previous clients will be the most valuable information to improve the satisfaction of your potential clients. 

Why is customer satisfaction so important?

In a business, it is important to have an unbeatable product or service and to have a good reputation, but the most important thing is to have your customers at the center of your actions. Your customers’ satisfaction has a direct impact on your prestige. They are the true prescribers of your brand, the ones who will or will not recommend your product or service. And this makes more sense than ever in the digital world we live in. Nowadays, it is part of our routine to look for reviews and comments online before paying for a product or service. 

Customer satisfaction is crucial in your business because: 

  • It encourages the loyalty of your customers. If they have tried your product or service and are satisfied, also with the buying experience, it is highly likely that they will come back or buy again.
  • Improve your reputation. A community of satisfied customers is more effective than any advertising campaign.

How to measure it? Customer satisfaction surveys

Now, we already know the importance of a satisfactory experience for your customers, but how can it be measured? Feedback is undoubtedly very important for you to make the right decisions and to improve the aspects that are least valued. This is where the importance of satisfaction surveys comes into play.

A satisfaction survey is used to measure whether your customers have had a positive or negative experience, to learn more about consumers and to obtain very precise information, not only about the product or service, but also about the buying experience.

One way to get your customers to complete the survey is by offering them an incentive in return, such as a discount voucher. 

A satisfaction survey must be adapted to your business and incorporate different guidelines that measure different aspects of your product or service:

  • General questions regarding the product or service
    • What did you think of it?
    • Has it met your expectations?
    • Do you have suggestions to improve it?
  • Questions related to the buying or dealing experience:
    • How satisfied are you with the experience?
    • How satisfied are you with the treatment received by the team?
  • Continuity questions:
    • Would you buy it again?
    • Would you recommend it to an acquaintance?

Now that you know what customer satisfaction is and its importance, you are ready to implement a good strategy that allows you to improve aspects, correct errors, and above all, put your customer at the center of your activity.