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The most essential factor that measures the success of any hotel is undoubtedly the guest experience. Guest expectations are constantly changing and getting higher. As a hotel manager or worker, the main task is to meet and even exceed them. For this, it is crucial to know your potential audience in order to innovate and improve services.

Seeking how to constantly improve the guest experience is a necessity for hoteliers around the world. Of course, improving this important aspect requires time, money and effort, so it is important to allocate a part of the budget and the weekly working hours of the hotel manager. It doesn’t have to involve a complete remodeling of the hotel, often just small details that can make a difference. Let’s see some ideas to enhance your hotel guest experience: your guests will rave about your hotel after their experience. 

What is the guest experience in hotels?

The guest experience includes the feelings a guest has when staying at a hotel, from the time of research and booking to check-out. A good management of the guest experience influences the way in which the traveler perceives the hotel, its quality, added value and their level of satisfaction about their stay. A positive guest experience can help us to get good comments, to recommend us to their acquaintances or on social media, to visit us again and to improve our brand reputation, key for continued growth. Everyone likes to talk about their vacation, and the hotel stay is a crucial part of it.

Guests are satisfied when their expectations are met, but excited when they are exceeded. Of course, it is not an easy task, and to carry out it successfully, it is necessary to know our potential guests in depth, their needs, demands and tastes.

How to improve guest services in a hotel

Upgrade in-room amenities

To succeed in this highly competitive industry, it is essential to adapt to the most innovative technological solutions. Be sure to upgrade your room amenities, such as a  powerful Wi-Fi network, enabling keyless room entry, providing access to online content platforms and integrating virtual assistants…

Receive each guest in a personalized way

Check every morning which guests are arriving that day and also their reservation details, so you can offer a warm and personal welcome. The experience during the arrival is essential to make a good impression.

Keep track of the special needs of your guests

Send a questionnaire to your future guests to learn more about them. Food intolerances, allergies, room preference, special requests, age, place of origin, reason for the trip… With all this data you can create a much more personalized experience for each one of your guests.

Establish partnerships with local businesses

Building partnerships with local businesses is something that benefits both parties. You can offer your guests advices and services that will be very useful during their stay. Guided tours, activities, local restaurants… You can offer special discounts to give your guests a personalized experience. Also, with these tips, you will position yourself as an expert in the area, essential in the tourism sector.

Invest in a web app for hotels

To implement all these improvements, make communication flow between all staff and departments, and manage the entire stay, would be interesting to consider a hotel web app. Today, it is a very recommendable option to take into account to improve the guest experience, enhance upsell techniques and increase your hotel’s revenue. At Goguest we offer a hotel web app that streamlines any internal process: from booking services, requesting room service, receiving personalized offers or checking in and checking out with a single click.

Definitely, the guest experience is at the core of every hotel establishment, so remember, always keep in mind what your guests say, both inside and outside your establishment, and take the step to implement new improvements: your guests will surely appreciate it.