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Hoteliers agree that the way the staff communicate with guests, determines their overall experience. When it comes to building long-lasting relationships, guests need to connect emotionally with the team they are interacting with. In order to do so, the hotel staff and management team must be able to respond to any of their requests in a short period of time.

To create a meaningful guest experience, hoteliers and employees must focus on keeping a personalized, two-way communication with the guest, both in person and online. The communication channel and the time of reaction are key factors. The following article includes several communication tips to exceed the guests’ expectations. Keep reading!

How does two-way communication improve a hotel’s guest experience?

The guest experience is the driving force behind the success of any hotel business. By implementing the right strategies, you can improve the performance without increasing the team’s workload. Let’s take a look at some tips for communicating with guests, so you can boost your brand image and save your staff and managers some time.

Be proactive

A good way to build a positive relationship with your guests is to advance their possible needs and talk to them before they arrive. Prepare an email before including all the details about the area, the weather, tourist attractions, how to get to the hotel (extra tip: offer upselling strategies concerning, for example, transport services) and even all the necessary steps to use the guest web application, in case you have one. In addition, this first phase should be the starting point for staff to maintain two-way communication. They should be ready and available to answer any questions from customers.

At this point, it can be of interest to know the booking background to find out why customers have chosen your hotel. Guests may be traveling with children, pets or it may also be a honeymoon. Having this information will allow you to prepare the room in advance, offering guests all the amenities to make their stay memorable. 

Set up regular communication along the entire trip

You need to communicate with the guests before, during and after their stay. When you are communicative at every stage of the guest’s journey, guests feel appreciated, which results in higher guest loyalty.

Communicating with guests at every stage of their stay will help you ensure their comfort and satisfaction. Don’t wait for guests to leave to find out what they did and didn’t like. You can use quick surveys and send them by email, Whatsapp or through the communication platform you are using with your guests. This way, you will know the guest’s level of satisfaction from the moment they check in.

Provide personalized content

With the data collected from guests, you can enable streaming platforms and other entertainment applications on their room screens. This way, they can enjoy the same content as if they were at home. It’s a great way to make guests feel at home.

Offering excellent customer service is a must in the hotel industry, where there is such strong competition. The feelings that guests experience during their stay will determine if they will come back in the future. Customers can be the best ambassadors for your hotel as long as they are happy. Therefore, if you want to achieve good reviews from guests, every interaction with them must be personal, genuine and effective, whether it is before or during their trip, and even after they have left.

Improve guest communication with Goguest

Communication between hotels and their guests can take many forms. Face-to-face communication is the most traditional way, but also the most efficient. However, if we want to ensure a good user experience, we need to go further and offer quicker solutions. Having digital ways of communication, such as a website or a hotel software solution that allows your hotel to have an optimal communication with your guests through a web app of its own, will definitely benefit the guest experience and the management of the hotel.

Goguest is a hotel software that can be adapted to any hotel company. It is a unique system that improves communication between staff and guests, and simplifies all internal processes. It includes a guest portal, where customers can quickly manage their stay themselves, using any device with Internet connection. Moreover, this software will allow you to know your guests’ preferences in real time, in order to be able to react quickly to any situation. It’s time to digitalize your hotel or resort and improve guest communication.