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Inevitably, the pandemic has revolutionized the hospitality sector. Guests now expect fast, engaging, contactless experiences. The use of QR codes in hotels can bring many benefits, improve the customer experience, make the staff tasks more efficient and get better reviews. They allow you to totally personalize the experience in your hotel as there are several ways to use QR codes.

Ways to use QR codes in your hotel

There are various applications of QR codes in hotels and other accommodations. Let’s talk you through some of them, but there are no limits.

QR code hotel check-in

Hotels can use QR codes to offer a quick and contactless check-in experience. Guests can scan the QR code to access the hotel registration page and check in online: no need to wait in the front desk. 

In this way, the registration process is accelerated, thus improving the guest experience.

Digitalize the restaurant or room service menu

Include a QR Code in the in-room service or restaurant menu. Thus, the guest can access the PDF menu on their smartphone and make reservations online. 

In this way, you avoid having to update the menu every time something changes, you can update it in real time and offer a contactless experience to guests. 

Promote your events

Do you carry out activities or events in your hotel? So another way to use QR codes is to include them in magazines, brochures or posters to promote your event. The QR code landing page can include the event date and time, address, activity schedule, and a registration form. 

Get feedback and improve your service

Ask your guests to give their feedback by including QR codes on cards that can be at the reception or in the rooms, or even on posters in the facilities. Guests can scan the QR code and answer the questionnaire whenever they want. 

Reviews (especially positive ones) play a fundamental role in the success of an accommodation. Nowadays, we all look for opinions on the internet before making a purchase or reservation. 

Knowing the opinion of your guests is probably the most convenient way to improve your service.

Share information about hotel facilities

Maybe you own a big hotel with many different facilities, rooms or restaurants. In order to make your guests aware of everything you offer, place QR codes with information that may interest them. From these QR codes they will be able to book a massage, a physical activity, a table in the restaurant…

Share your social networks 

Thanks to the QR codes in your hotel, you can ask your guests to follow you on social networks. That way, you will be able to increase your audience in digital channels as well. 

Share Wi -Fi access

Offering free Wi-Fi in any facility is mandatory. However, openly sharing the Wi-Fi password is risky, so inviting your guests to connect to the hotel network is much safer, faster and easier with the simple scan of a QR code.

Benefits of QR codes for hotels

We’ve talked about ways to use QR codes in hotels, but how can they improve hotel operations and services? Let’s see five benefits of these codes:

  • Reduce the use of paper: the amount of waste that a guest can leave per night would surprise you (tickets, registration cards, forms, receipts…). The use of QR codes in hotels allows to get rid of paper, digitalizing most of the experience.
  • Reduce waiting times: thanks to QR codes, hotel guests can check-in online and contact less in a minute or so. Thus, waiting lines are eliminated. 
  • Cost reduction: with the use of QR codes, hotels reduce their costs of physical resources, such as registration forms, customer feedback surveys, receipts or letters.
  • Multi-device: the information can be perfectly viewed from mobiles, tablets or other devices. 
  • Multilingual: the content can be adapted to the predefined language in the guest’s smartphone, although it can be changed at any time. 
  • Editable: the information you share via your QR codes can be edited as many times as necessary and even customized according to the type of guest. Thus, it is not necessary to change all the signage, cards and menus every time information needs to be changed. 

To make this even easier for hotels, all the services you can get from a QR code can be grouped together and managed in a web application, like the Goguest web app. Do you need more information? Contact us!