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More and more companies are opting for digitalization. Custom web applications have become the basis of many businesses, and the truth is that, today, they allow streamlining processes and automating some actions that optimize the work of staff. In short, investing in a web application is investing in efficiency, since its advantages can increase the hotel’s profitability.

Do you want to save time, money and improve your capabilities? To gain comfort, accessibility, security and control? So your hotel probably needs a web application. Let’s see what these applications are and what their advantages are. Let’s start!

What are web applications?

First things first, what is a web application? It is an interactive platform created to automate certain actions. Its main objective is to facilitate the flow of information, streamline work and increase the efficiency of the usual hotel processes.

It is a way of digitalizing the business to make it more productive, it makes it possible to access work tools from anywhere, manage day-to-day work without being physically in the office and use better communication channels. 

Benefits of web applications

If you are still not sure and want to know more, let’s see all the advantages of web applications:

  • Savings. Web applications for hotels represent significant money savings. 
  • Simplicity. They are easy to use and do not require extensive computer knowledge, so all the staff will be able to work with this system with no need to be trained. Also there is no need to install any app.
  • Upgrade. These web applications are updated automatically so you can take advantage of the improvements that it integrates. 
  • Accessibility. It is not necessary to have an application installed, it is enough to have access to the Internet on a mobile device, and it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Safety. You don’t need to worry, since both your data and your guests’ data will be safe and in the cloud, so there is no risk of it being lost. In addition, they are virus-proof applications.
  • Agility. They represent very significant time and energy savings by replacing repetitive manual processes. In this way, the staff can focus on improving customer service and satisfaction. 

Goguest web app

With our Goguest web app for hotels, your guests will be able to manage their stay at the most convenient time. It works on all mobiles, tablets and operating systems, as functional as native apps but without downloads or installation.

It is a fully customizable web app, so you can choose the options you need in the web app for your hotel:

  • Door opening with mobile. Your guests will have a 100% contactless experience in your hotel with our smart door opening system.
  • Table reservation system in the hotel restaurant(s) and in-room dining ordering. Your guests will be able to reserve a table at any of your hotel restaurants, they will be able to make special requests or comments (such as food allergies) and your staff will be able to manage these reservations in real time as well as send automatic notifications to the guest informing them of the reservation status.
  • Hotel activities reservation system. Reservations can be confirmed manually by staff or automatically. You can also configure the functionality so that confirmation emails are sent automatically to customers. Staff will save time managing reservations and your guests will be able to book quickly and at the most convenient time for them.
  • Identification for access, reservations and payments by QR code.
  • Guest special requests. Your guests will be able to make requests through their mobile phones (extra pillows, room service, chargers, taxis…) and the operators will receive this information instantly.
  • Online check-in to save time at reception and facilitate management. Your guests will be able to upload the necessary documents before their arrival at the hotel.
  • Questionnaires and satisfaction surveys. Your guests will be able to fill out health questionnaires before arrival, give their feedback at the time they want and answer service surveys.

It allows you to analyze, control and measure the behavior of guests in your hotel, as it is possible to connect it to other tools, your current PMS, app or any other third party software. Also, there is no need for wearables or bracelets, the functionalities in the app do not require any additional device than a smartphone. Ready to digitalize your business?