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From El Referente, Indra Kishinchand made us a very interesting interview which shows our career in the hospitality industry and where we are heading to with contactless technology.

During the interview, we talked about topics such as our contactless technology or “zero contact” applied to the tourism and leisure sector with many solutions aimed to improve the user experience besides increasing the businesses rentability. Another question which was brought up was the one about the new artificial intelligence era towards which we move to and in which our technical team is already working on to offer more powerful and precise tools. 

Easygoband team working
Easygoband team at work

Far beyond our solutions Goguest and Gofun, we also explained how our growth has been, the support programs which helped us, and still keep doing, it ro reach our goals, how we expanded at an international level or the plans we have to expand in the mexican, northamerican and asiatic market.

Here you can find the full interview which we hope you enjoy.