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Jordi Nebot is an IT engineer with a Master’s degree in robotic of services which he studied in Universidad Jaume I. He counts with an expertise in the TIC industry of more than 10 years, since he started his entrepreneurial career in 2008, when he began to entrepreneur with different companies. He is currently focused in his position as the CEO of PaynoPain, the fintech company based in Madrid, specialized in research and technological development of payment methods. We wanted to “unfocus” him for a while with our #easygoing questionnaire, because, even when he doesn’t work exclusively for the touristic industry, has a lot to say about it. And from a very different perspective, which is the reason why we find it particularly enriching and interesting. You will understand that under this premise, we couldn’t let him say no. The result we are lucky enough to be able to read it below this lines:

How long have you been working for the turistic/hospitality industry?

We have been helping hotel chains to accomplish with PCI-DSS normative and to improve the user experience during the booking process from 2016.

In which sense do you think technology can improve guest experience?

Technology, in general, is the key to get an attractive experience for ustomers, beyond the establishment’s own characteristics. There are a couple of fields where there is still room for improvement: the booking experience, the charge experience, not only when booking but also in additional spendings. And specially the check in and check out processes.

How do you think hotels can take advantage of digitization?

Apart from what’s been said, in customer terms, to innovate and to take the control of payment process, allows, among other things, to improve the booking percentage in own channel against OTAs. And, above all, to protect its businesses from the dumping performed by some big OTAs.

At which point of the digital transformation do you think we are in Spain?

The touristic industry is probably where customers use the digital channel the most. The 70% of the bookings are made online. Online commerce is approximately of a 6%. This percentage is aligned with Europe, where hotel’s incomes come in a 69% from digital channels.

Which weight do you think COVID-19 has had in the industry digital transformation? And in your particular case?

In our particular case, as specialists in payment methods, we have observed a focus loss in the new PSD2 normative which just entered into force this last january 1st. Being so, many hotels will find difficulties to keep on charging fees for no-shows or even not refundable things. Hotels and chains have had more important problems to take care of and unfortunately a new moratorium has not been given keeping in mind the current pandemic situation.

Your prognose about the future of the industry keeping in mind the current situation

There is a risk that in this upcoming 2021 two problems start to coexist simultaneously. On one side the impossibility of charge reservations for not being able of making the reinforced authentications of the titular. As requested by the new PSD2 normative. On the other side, that reservations coming from OTAs like Booking, again can not be charged unless Booking Payments is hired. With the consequent dumping risk. This is why is important to contact with an expert in PSD2 payments provider. Which will allow the hotelier to be focused in the reopening and optimization of its business without being worried about those other matters.

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