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Can you imagine being able to have at your disposal a wide range of information on the evolution of your business in real time and at just one click distance? Now it is possible to know the habits of our guests, detect internal needs of the accommodation at certain times and even be able to put ourselves ahead of future demands. All this thanks to Business Intelligence (BI) technology, a tool that makes it more evident than ever that information is power. And it is that all this data that can be collected, makes it easy to make faster and more effective decisions, to get greater efficiency in operations and, ultimately, to increase profitability. We tell you about the advantages of Business Intelligence for hotels.

What is Business intelligence and which benefits offers?

More and more companies in the hotel sector are committed to digitizing their business. A percentage that has increased considerably in the last year motivated by the search for ‘zero contact’. BI was born as a technological tool that not only allows you to organize the general and operational structure of your hotel, but also helps to improve the sales strategy, marketing and guest experience.

This is how Benjamín Garcés, CEO of Easygoband, explains it, emphasizing that Business Intelligence “is a valuable tool for transforming information into knowledge with the aim of improving the decision-making process of a company”. That is why, in the current situation, BI stands as one of the most reliable strategies when it comes to collecting data which to make efficient decisions with, anticipate future needs and thus reduce the chances of failing in those determinations. Among other things.

Below, we list the four advantages of betting on Business Intelligence in your hotel:

  1. Data control
    The business data is perfectly controlled and immediately accessible, which facilitates a large flow of information to carry out good analyzes prior to decision-making. This information also makes it possible to compare the current situation with the one of a few months ago and, of course, to be able to make real long-term forecasts, thus screening out the possibility of error. And it is that you receive a much more accurate and usable dynamic picture of the actual situation of your hotel.
  1. Efficiency
    Decision making runs in a conscious, reliable and effective way, since the information obtained is 100% transparent and real thanks to Business intelligence technology. This is because the margin to error when it comes to extract the information are removed. This way, it is much easier to cross data and to get to much more accurate conclusions and lectures, which translates into greater efficiency.
  1. Time saving
    Data treatment is, without a doubt, an arduous task since it is usually completely broken down by departments and it costs, not only to compare it in order to base decisions on real data, but also to obtain and compile it. This is something that gets solved by using Business Intelligence. The use of this innovative tool entails substantial time saving:  we have at our disposal any data we need in a single click and at any time and place.
  1. Guest experience improvement
    Thanks to the customer journey digitization guests’ actions are registered, therefore you will have the chance of knowing and analyzing their consumption habits so you can use them to improve their experience, which translates into a consumption increase. 

As we have seen, Business Intelligence is not only used to compile data and relate them in search of correct solutions or strategies, but it also does it so intelligently, discriminating errors, screening them in the appropriate way and turning their reports into true starting points, useful for subsequent decision making. All this to improve efficiency in processes and increase the competitiveness of your business. And it is that data is a key factor to be able to have control of our business, but the most important thing is to know how to do it. And Business Intelligence makes that task easier for us.

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