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An expert in industrial and intellectual property, competition and new technologies, and with a background in business, economics and law, Ramón de la Calzada has vast experience in his professional career in strategic consulting, management and leadership of national and international projects, and relationships between companies. Currently, and for two years, he has been Business Development & Partnership Manager at TCA Software Solutions Mexico, therefore, “something he knows” about the present of the hotel industry and technology, and “something” he can tell us about how he sees his future . And everything, right here. In #easygoing

How long have you been working for the turistic/hospitality industry?

Last october it turned two years since I am working at the company. Prior to that, I hadn’t worked in the tourism industry but being from Marbella is unavoidable the contact with the tourism world. 

In which sense do you think technology can improve guest experience?

All my work experience has been related to technology. Technology is essential for any sector. In tourism, the standards of quality and service are very high, even more so after the pandemic, so everything goes through having a technology at the service of the needs that arise on a daily basis that helps all those involved, hotels, workers, suppliers and clients.

How do you think hotels can take advantage of digitization?

Hotels are the perfect environment to implement the latest technology available in order to improve the user experience, comfort and security. Well-applied technology can make a difference. Arriving at a hotel, without wasting time, without lines, without wearing anything but a wristband, without contact if it is not necessary, creates a totally new experience.

At which point of the digital transformation do you think we are in Spain?

Spain is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Hotels, groups and management processes are an example for all countries. However, there is still room for further progress in the digital transformation. Caribbean countries, as well as Asia or the Middle East, have a higher degree of adoption of new technologies. Spain still can and must adopt more.

How do you think the industry is committed to multichannel?

It is a reality. The usage of every possible channel to get the customer through his favourite channel is vital for the future and also for the present.

Which is the biggest challenge you think you face regarding processes digitization?

As a software company, the challenge is that technology used to reach the customers can be of great help and make sense in order to cover their needs. Digitization is a reality, contactless and paperless are concepts which we are all very familiar with.

What impact do you think digitization has had in your particular case?

The last few years have been a total bet to digital. The pandemic came to boost demand and to help to speed up its adoption. Opening doors, paying at a restaurant or asking for towels are gestures that are going to turn digital and that in the future won’t be understood if it is not through a wristband or a smartphone.

How do you face the new normal at your hotel?

The reality of our clients is our reality. The “new normal” in hotels requires finding new solutions that solve the new challenges arising from the pandemic. After a year, everything settles down and in many cases the new normal is simply normal.

Which role do you think digitization plays in the industry recovery?

It is strategic, all customers will expect to arrive at a hotel and to have all the contactless measures. The hotel that has not implemented these solutions will be less valued.

Which weight do you think COVID-19 has had in the industry digital transformation? And in your particular case?

It has sped up everything. Many technologies were already present and other were on its way but COVID-19 provoked an interest and a high adoption level from our clients. As a technology company, competitors were struggling to be the first to offer solutions, it has been very challenging. And everything working from home. New challenges that are already habits. 

What do you think the hotel of the future will be like?

More technological. Many solutions will stay to make guests more comfortable, others will vanish, but a great digitization leap ever seen in years, would have been taken.

Tu vaticinio sobre el futuro próximo del sector teniendo en cuenta el panorama actual Your prognose about the future of the industry keeping in mind the current situation

I would like to prognose that new normal will be the old normal but meanwhile, it is mandatory to adjust ourselves and to move forward. Those who bet for a greater technological adoption won’t be wrong.