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The technology company adjusts itself to the new social reality provoked by Covid-19 creating Gosafe, a software based on contactless technology that guarantees guests and staff protection in hotels, removing the necessity of rely on devices such as bracelets or cards, by replacing them with the guests’ smartphones use.

The situation which the population currently live in, has led to many industries to sharpen their ideas in order to get adjusted to the current social paradigm, that have suffered significant changes in the past months. An example is the work developed by the technology company Easygband, which has created an innovative solution using contactless technology, with the aim to protect the safety in hotels, campings and touristic facilities as well as their guests’s health.

It is about, as per the CEO of Easygoband words, Benjamín Garcés: “a software to ease the walkthrough to the so called ‘new normal’  provoked by the Covid-19 health crisis in which we all are attending” since with Gosafe and its specific preventive measures to face the current situation, the contact between the hotel staff and customers, in the arrival process and also during the stay is removed.

How does it work?

With the use of Gosafe, before arriving at the hotel, guests may do a pre check-in through a web app consisting in a link, so no download is needed, to which they are able to attach all the necessary documents  to speed up the process at the front desk. As well, this web app enables  any kind of room service requests, restaurant orders and the payments. “Consumption centres won’t require menus or bank POS avoiding to the most any kind of contact” Garcés remarks.

“Gosafe’s functionalities make possible the most amount of the processes from the customer’s smartphone” explains the manager, who remarks this solution’s innovation and versatility, cause “it creates more efficient processes, helps to grow the incomes, controls whatever happen in the hotel at every moment and allows to store large amounts of data so the decision making gets easier”

In this sense, the company’s CEO remarks that with this new solution “ we intend to help in regards with the hotel industry reactivation in order it to be back to the standard levels of occupancy, safety and quality as soon as possible”