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This new software that acts as a preventing digital passport, offers an intelligent access control to analyse the employees health status through a temperature measurement system in order to create safe spaces and to avoid possible Covid- 19 contagion.

The technological company Easygoband and Unimat Prevención, company of a reknown experience in work risks prevention matters, join forces facing the current situation in order to adjust to the new social scenario provoked by the Covid-19 health crisis. Both companies in their keen interest for innovation, have created a new platform to ease people at work’s health protection and enhance free diseases or accidents spaces and to prevent potential contagions.

What is Unicass?

This innovative system, named Unicass, the access, safety and health control from Unimat Prevención offers an intelligent accesses verification through a digital preventive passport unique for each person which analyses its health status thanks to a temperature measurement system and symptoms control. “It is about a software that enables the company to prevent, track and react in front of any risk that may result in contagion, so as outbreaks that may occur in order to protect the workers’s health” ensures the CEO OF easygoband, Benjamín Garcés.

Furthermore, the platform verifies beforehand to the entrance of each person to its job, the use and status of the Individual Protection Equipments (IPE) to check the accomplishment of the established by the company and the Job’s Risks Prevention law. And the system goes beyond, since according to the General Manager, Ignacio López Lapuente “the company may also measures environment parameters measures, such as air quality, acoustic levels or temperature, controlling its adjustment to the risk standards for every case”

What is it for?

Likewise, this innovative software offers multiple functions that adjust to each company’s specific needs , depending on the industry in which they operate. The system can be implemented in every company y they may choose which functionalities need in order to get their needs covered. “Unicass absorbs different platforms data and allows to works isolatedly, for small and medium companies, or in a completely integrated way, for large production facilities, allowing them to constantly obtain updated information from people working at the company, so they can be ahead of any incidence at the work centre”

With all that said, people in charge of Easygoband and Unimat Prevención remark the importance of joining forces, specially under the current circumstances, in order to try to solve problems at the workplace: “This new platform not only works to achieve it short term, because we have based it in a solution which adds value for the next years to the companies but also to their employees, and that makes possible the improvement of the nowadays existing processes related to the work risks prevention” pointed out Garcés.

This strong allianz among both companies responds to the existing needs in the current market facing the new social and work reality that the population is experiencing.