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Entrepreneurship is something that undoubtedly deserves rivers of ink. In all cases, it is a feat in which many aspects, if not all, of the life of the entrepreneur give themselves up in pursuit of going through the adventure of searching for the dream that motivated them. It is without a doubt an exciting topic, which well deserves that this very interesting initiative was undertaken (and never better said) by German. And it is that Proyecta, the project directed and produced by German Giralt, is in a certain way a reassuring balm and a guide, for those who are interested in undertaking and for those who are simply interested in listening to exciting and inspiring stories.

German Giralt departs from this premise to devise and create Proyecta. And it is that German seems to carry the entrepreneurial gene in his DNA, since he launched several personal projects and founded a startup which he managed to take to one of the most important accelerators in Spain (Conector). He is currently dedicated to helping, of course, entrepreneurs, to get projects

 But, what is Proyecta about?

Projecta, the central axis of this post, is a series of podcasts that, in each instalment, interviews a person behind an entrepreneurial project. These interviews are authentic masterclasses of just over half an hour, since beyond being a business story, it is a personal story. A story of the person behind the project, the germ, the origins, the personal moments that made him make his decisions. And also, of course, a story of the company that the idea became, in this case, of Benjamín Garcés, CEO and co-founder of Easygoband.

In this interview, Benjamín talks in a very close way about the path that led him to Easygoband. His fears, his best and worst moments as an entrepreneur, how a pandemic is experienced when you have a company and many people behind it, and many other things just as interesting.

Without a doubt, a very enriching trip that, not only as part of Easygoband, we invite you to listen to right here. We hope you enjoy it.