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The zero contact is here to stay. The new normal imposed by Covid has not only modified the way we used to relate and interact, but also it has altered the way we consume. That ‘s why many industries had to reinvent themselves. Hotels and resorts had to take the digitization train to be able to offer their guests an environment where to feel safer under a new business model: contactless technology.

What is contactless technology?

It is about establishing a wireless communication connection between electronic devices without an existing physical contact between them. How? Through RFID systems, bluetooth or mobile technology, among others “It is a tool which enables to offer a wide range of utilities, not only for hoteles but also for its guests, since it agilizes payments, control accesses and avoid the crowds, which translates into a safety increase” as per Benjamín Garcés, Easygoband CEO, words.

Target: ‘zero contact’

If you are a hotel or resort manager and you are thinking of jumping into your business digitization, contactless technology can be a great ally. Through different wearables or simply, with the help of a smartphone, it makes the interaction with the guest easier, allowing an immediate communication and the whole hotel internal management. And the possibilities are endless.

Why a contactless hotel?

1.Safety and prevention:

One of the benefits of join contactless technology is the contagion prevention, as the zero contact is guaranteed. Also a more peaceful feeling since the guest knows he is not exposed to unnecessary risks due to the contact.

2.Access control:

The user can access to the different areas included in his booking, through a wearable such as a bracelet, a card, or simply through the smartphone, which eases the control by the hotel side.

3.Waiting times removal:

Making a reservation and handling it online through a smartphone, without the need of being physically in the place, avoid crowds. The same way, it also saves time at the pre check  and avoids queues at the front desk.

4.Speed and comfort in payments:

Pandemic has also provoked changes in consumer payment trends , who has at his disposal several devices to do it, like the smartphone, which provides him with a higher speed and greater comfort.

5.Business Intelligence:

Thanks to the customer journey digitization, what guests do keeps registered, so you’ll have the possibility of knowing and analyzing your guests’ consumption habits so you can improve their customer experience, which translates into rentability increase.


This digitization makes possible for staff to get in their computers the guests demands in real time. This allows to agilize the day to day hotels operatives, increasing efficiency and therefore, the customers satisfaction level.

7.Guest loyalty:

To know what customer think about their stay is another great utility of this technology. The same way, combining this technology with artificial intelligence algorithms, we also can offer them promotions adjusted to their lifestyle so  their stay can be 100% adjusted to what they really need.

All these are only few of the benefits of join the contactless technology, which offers safer places to the guests. A feature which has turned in the past few months in an essential part when choosing a stay. Because safety and prevention are, now more than ever, a synonym of success.