Success stories

Beerman Beverage Festival

  • Ecuador
  • 1.200 attendees
  • Full digital transformation


Cashless Payments

Do away with cash, the wristband or card becomes an easy to pay with and secure digital wallet.

Access Control

Get rid of fraud with smart wearable technology, avoid theft and increase security for your business.

Business Intelligence

Collect accurate data about your customers' experience. Improve operations and strategic decision making.

What is Beerman?

The Beerman is one of the most renowned beverage festivals in Ecuador. It is organized by José Zurita, Ecuadorian craft beer ambassador.

The main objectives

They needed to run a full digital transformation so that they were able to target their goals. Firstly, they needed to increase sales as well as reduce fraud as much as possible. It was also important to create better participants experiences with frictionless access control and cashless payment solutions.

Juan Zurita


The whole experience has been very satisfactory with total control and an exceptional attendees acceptance.

Do you own a food or beverage festival and are thinking about how to increase revenue and create memorable customer experiences?