IT Solutions for Leisure and Entertainment Industries

Gofun is an IT solution for the entertainment industries that enables organizers to implement a cashless payment system, track crowd capacity in real-time and access control, easy ticketing service and other functionalities through the use of smart wearable technology and RFID/NFC.


Access Control

Get rid of fraud with smart wearable technology, avoid theft and increase security in your event.

Business intelligence

Collect accurate data about your customers' experience. Improve operations and strategic decision making.

Cashless Payments

Do away with cash, the wristband or card becomes an easy to pay with and secure digital wallet.

Service Booking

Increase bookings integrating NFC touch screen devices and let customers manage their bookings.

Management Webapp

We bind with the event app so that the attendees can link their wristband or other wearable to access all the info.

Crowd Flow Control

Track crowd capacity in real time, get to know who and when someone enters or exits throughout the site and each zone.


Get to know your customers' expenditure habits and get a report with all their activity.

Self Kiosk & Tablet App

Cut down queues and avoid human errors with the booking and product/services acquisition software.

Online Survey Tool

Let your attendees write reviews quickly and easily and get better insights about your event.

Top-up & Refund Online

Total top-up flexibility, it can be done from the main sales platform, from the app or an external webpage not linked to the ticketing system.

Ticket Validation

Eradicate fraud with a system to validate tickets purchased by your customers.

Product Tokens

Get more loyal customers and enhance their experience by providing product tokens when required.

Vouchers & Promotions

Engage your customers with limited-time promotions, eventual discounts or returning attendees vouchers.

POS System

Show products available and charge your customers through portable devices in an offline environment without having to integrate the device with the POS.

Payment Tokenization

Create a frictionless shopping experience environment and ease payments with the most comprehensive tokenization technology.

Wearable Tracking System

Get rid of fraud or wearable reselling and improve the effectiveness of your stock control.

Ticketing System

Issue and manage ticketing services through your own platform without having to outsource.

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What our clients have to say

Nicolas Filippini

Planning and Management Control Executive

Easygoband has become our essential one stop solution for agile processing, increasing our revenue and maintaining total control over our event.

Gofun main advantages and benefits

It works Online/Offline without interruptions

Quick, easy and hassle free integration

Advanced secured transactions

More profitable business and higher revenue

Best guest experiences and more customer loyalty

Better operational efficiency and extra free time

Ready for having a more profitable business and creating memorable experiences for your guest?