plataforma hoteles

Goguest works like a hub, it's an all-inclusive communication network

Goguest goes far and beyond where others cannot, connecting every system to each other with a single platform and just one dashboard.

360º Digitalization

Enables Goguest features and functionalities as well as implements third party software and apps, allowing processes and operatives to turn digital, in order to optimize hotel/park performance to the fullest.

digitalizacion hoteles

PMS-Goguest Dashboard instant data flow

Data is synced from the PMS and shows up right away in the dashboard.

sincronizacion datos hoteles
plataforma escalable

The system is totally scalable and adapts to your own business logic

Is a customizable tool that can be easily tailored to your requirements, whereby products, services and consumption features can be configured to fit your needs.

Secure robust, agile and easy platform

sistema modular hoteles
  • Flexible y versatile

  • The system is fully modular and versatile. It adapts to your own business logic

extensiones software hospitality
  • Endless extensions

  • We create small-scale developments tailored to your hotel whenever you need them.

integracion PMS hotel
  • Quick integration

  • Our hassle-free method enables us to have everything up and running within just 10 days.

hoteles y parques digigales

Solutions for the hospitality sector

Goguest platform is specially designed for hotels, theme and water parks

Superior systems and softwares efficiency through integration and data sharing

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