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Hotels go digital with Easygoband key strategies


Improve management, increase revenue, lower running costs and enhance guest experience are some of the grounds on which Easygoband has developed the strategy for hotels and resorts to successfully transition towards a digital environment. Easygoband uses the finest technology that is here to stay. Actually, there is a growing demand for digitalization within the hospitality industry and many hotels and resorts have already embraced this RFID technology and complete eco-system with Easygoband
broad range of customizable functionalities specially designed and developed for the tourism sector.

Hence, Easygoband IT solutions can be fully tailored to the needs of its clients and provide a unique form of identification which is completely safe for each and every end user through the use of simple wearable such as a wristband or card, allowing to implement all kinds of functionalities. Miguel Salas, Lead Developer at Easygoband, explains how the deployment of such services is implemented in a hotel while high quality standards are met.


What are the first steps of integration once the hotel decides to go for digital transformation?

Our RFID solutions can be fully integrated with major PMS and TPV that the hotel may be currently using. Therefore, if we are set to begin with a new integracion, the hotel just needs to provide us with the name of the PMS being used and the remaining data related to their management system.


How long does it take to put in place the entire integration?

We have developed a method which simplifies the whole integration process, allowing us to be agile and easily implement the entire system. According to the PMS being currently used within the hotel as well as the requested functionalities, our software can be fully operational within two or 3 weeks.


Do you provide any kind of follow up or support after integration?

Of course, our technical support team can be located at the hotel while the integration phase lasts. Once that is completed, if the hotel requires it, the team can stay for a few more days in order to reinforce personnel training and to ensure that the entire system is running smoothly. Moreover, our clients can access a platform where all the issues are resolved within 24 hours after its registration, we also have telephone support with direct contact for a more immediate and personalized attention.

Hotels & Resorts