Easygoband offers a unique platform that adapts to your own business logic and empowers your company to operate easier and faster. Our unique system comes with a set of capabilities such as contactless solutions, cashless payments, access control, as well as many other features in order to increment profits, reduce fraud and improve operations.


Gofun is Easygoband's solution that enables the leisure and entertainment sector (music festivals, gastronomic events, food trucks and sports venues) to become digital with NFC technology that offers a new and efficient technological management while improving the user experience. Providing access and capacity control, cashless and contactless payments as well as business intelligence (big data) with which you will increase the income of your business.

Gofun is designed and developed for all kinds of events, venues, sports tournaments, festivals, concerts, food markets, fairs, e-sports and many more. If you are looking to improve the efficiency, security and increase the income of your business, Gofun is what you need for your business or event.

User payments are cashless and contactless made through NFC wristbands, a bank card or with a mobile phone, thus eliminating cash and its associated problems.

We take care of all the needs to carry out the event and offer technical support during it if you need it.

We train your team during the first days so that you can manage it afterwards during the rest of the event, moreover, we configure the system and adapt it to fit your needs.


Goguest platform is a system that connects all the software and hardware of your hotel or park to digitize all areas of your business, offering multiple functionalities through a single, adaptable and scalable solution.

If your business is in the hospitality sector and you are in the hunt for an easy-to-use system where you have everything under control through a single platform, Goguest is what you are looking for. You will increase security, efficiency and revenue in addition to offering an unbeatable experience to your guests.

Yes, Goguest integrates seamlessly with all PMS, POS, locks and other business systems, it does not require any reconfiguration to your existing software. The platform has direct communication with the other softwares, transferring back and forth the information they need and requesting what is required when it needs to.

Yes, you will not have to update any existing device. In some circumstances and depending on the needs of the business, it could be possible that you may need to acquire readers, tablets, kiosks or some other device to obtain the best performance from the functionalities that Goguest offers.

In less than 10 days you will be able to have your entire hotel or park fully digitized and using all the solutions contactless, cashless, access control, influx, webapp for clients, pre check-in, room service orders, reservation of services, control and loans of equipment, business intelligence (big data) and many more.

You will obtain benefits in profitability, income, saving time and expenses, more security along with anti-covid measures, coupled with knowing the consumption of your guests in addition to its traceability so that you can plan commercial strategies and reduce thefts, therefore losses. This is a whole new way of interacting with guests.

No, you do not need technical knowledge to operate the tools. They will receive a week of face-to-face training at the hotel or park premises to learn how Goguest works.

Yes, you will have 24/7 support at no additional cost.

Contactless solutions

We are heading towards a cashless society, with greater control and more facilities for both the business and the clients. Cashless payments offer speed, flexibility and security, thus giving a better user experience.

It works with RFID technology and is used to achieve communication between the customer's wearable and the devices that read it, obtaining the information that is needed.

A wearable is a smallWearable electronic device that is easily transported (Technology), it can be a bracelet / wristband, card, ring, sticker or almost any object.

Charge to the room, payment by prior recharge, payments for points or courtesies, purchase and exchange of packs and bank card tokenization.

Yes, you can limit the drinks made with an account on a daily or permanent basis. The limits may be applied to all the members of the reserve either individually or per season.

You will increase the efficiency of your business and your operations, you will reduce losses and thefts, you will increase the safety of your clients, more facilities and options for your guests, improvement of hygiene and protection for the health of your clients and employees.

Goguest WebApp

The Goguest application is a webapp, a web page that is optimized for use on mobiles as a native app. It can be opened from any browser and no application has to be downloaded by the user.

Pre Check-in, where users can check-in online and thus speed up waiting at the reception, that is, when the guest comes to the hotel, the time at the reception will be minimal. Room service orders, where the guest can place their orders without having to call by phone, in the webapp they can see the entire menu, select delivery time and pay. The reservation of services offers the possibility for the guest to reserve their activities or services offered by the hotel when they need it. Surveys and questionnaires, the guest can fill out the questionnaires required by the hotel and associate them with the different locations. Payments by tokenization, if the customer so wishes, they can tokenize their card within the application itself safely and at any time.

Access and flow

Controlling access digitally is safe, in addition to efficient. You can control your premises in a simple way. You know who enters where and when, controlling all the entrances and the capacity of the different areas.

Access control is checked with readers that read the users' wristbands. From the readers you can see if you have permission to access the concert, festival, site campsite, backstage, etc. according to your input.

Permissions are granted or denied by means of readers or lathes that read the wearable (wristband, card or other object). Permissions are controlled from the Goguest general panel where there are different options to enable access such as: guest category, type of reservation, age, individual level, type of entry, etc.

Yes, in the event that the client does not have previously enabled access to a certain area and wishes to access, then a price can be established for access and use the wearable to make a cashless payment, either room charge, toke, etc.

You will increase the security of the entire business and you will have absolute control of entries and exits. You will be able to detect which are the areas with high demand for your business to later improve the operations of the place and even modify the economic strategy to increase profits thanks to the data collected (big data).

Business Intelligence

They are quantitative data that you get from your customers and the business. That is, you will be able to know which are the best-selling products, the total sales per season, the tastes and consumption preferences of your customers, at what time the most products are consumed and what they are, in addition to knowing which profiles consume them (age, nationality, etc).

All POS are linked to the platform, both for hotels and parks as well as for events, in which all the information on customer movements is collected on devices. These devices are connected to the network and transfer the data to the server where it is managed.

Big data, quantitative data of your clients and business, in the form of graphs.

Through a panel you can view the data that are of interest to you.

With this data you will obtain privileged information about your business and will help you in making decisions and in the implementation of new products or services. By properly applying this information, you will be able to increase income and reduce expenses.

Internal Control

With the internal control system, the hotel or the park, you can have an exhaustive control of what you lend to your clients (towels, pillows, high chairs, trolleys, etc).

From the Goguest platform for hotels and parks, a catalog is configured with the materials available to customers. At the points where these materials are loaned, a portable device or PC is available with the list of materials that can be loaned. At these points, the selection of the material is made, the reading of the bracelet and subtractions if the hotel makes the loan or sums if the client returns the material.

Your business will see reduced costs in replacement of material and in thefts that occur.

Bank Tokenization

Tokenization consists of replacing the sensitive data of a bank card with a unique code called a token, in this way the real data of the clients is not exposed. This token is irreversible and works on a platform, in this case our systems.

The bank card has a PAN number, the user registers their data on our platform and then a token provider service (Token Store) associates said information with a token with which transactions can be carried out.

Tokenization eliminates the duplication of users' personal data, they are irreversible so that a third party cannot do anything, higher standard of data protection and security, convenience and immediacy in transactions.

Physical tokenization, where wearables (bracelets, rings, etc.) are tokenized on the premises of the venue through a verified device. Digital tokenization, where the client himself accesses his personal area within the webapp and performs the tokenization by himself online.

Ticket validation

It is done through a code associated with the ticket that is linked to the bracelet RFID. Whether it is printed or on the mobile, the entry will be validated with a simple approach of the NFC reader to the code of the same.

The ticket validation system is a fast and intuitive system that reduces waiting times and prevents forgeries.

Yes, there is the possibility of integrating it with the current ticket machines of the event.
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