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Versatile and ingenious IT solutions for hospitality and entertainment industries. We create a high tech eco-system through RFID/NFC and smart wearable technology that delivers best guest experiences and makes business more profitable.

Access Control

Reduce fraud with smart wearable technology, avoid theft, control crowd flow and increase security for your business.

Business intelligence

Collect accurate data about your customers' experience. Improve operations and strategic decision making.

Cashless Payments

Get rid of cash and avoid cash-handling errors, the wristband or card becomes an easy to pay with and secure digital wallet.

Ticketing System

Issue and manage ticketing services through your own platform without having to outsource.


Engage your customers by setting a spending goal system that rewards them as they progress.

User ID

Identify each guest individually so you can enable even more functionalities for improving processes and performance.

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It works Online/Offline without interruptions

Quick, easy and hassle free integration

Advanced secured transactions

More profitable business and higher revenue

Best guest experiences and more customer loyalty

Better operational efficiency and extra free time

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