Go digital, cut costs and increase your revenue

Our platform provides your company with a tech-ecosystem that highly improves operational performance, makes business more profitable and creates best guest experiences.

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  • Platform

  • The most comprehensive, customizable and scalable platform tailored to fit your business logic.

  • The platform for the hospitality industry that enables features and functionalities in order to boost revenue, achieve more efficient operations, more profitable hotels/amusement parks and happy guests.

  • Goguest Platform
  • Contactless Technology

  • Enhance the way your guest carry out daily activities with NFC cashless payments or via their own mobile

  • Hassle-free guest experience
  • Clean and safer businesses
  • Streamline queues and boost sales/spending
soluciones contactless
pagos cashless
  • Payment Solutions

  • With our payment services your clients will be able to pay on bank terminals via smart wearables, bank cards or mobile devices

  • Direct payments with tokenized card
  • No top-up needed thus no refunds
  • Mobile payments
  • Combine cashless with certified bank payments
  • Business Intelligence

  • Customer activity gets safely stored enabling your business to increase profits and reduce costs.

  • User identification
  • Data, metrics and fully detailed reports
  • Consumer behaviors, habits and user profile
reportes y metricas
  • Every feature and functionality you can imagine

  • Our solutions are specially designed for hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries.

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  • Toni Muñoz
  • CIO

As a result of implementing the service booking system, the demand increased widely by 30%.

  • Toni Muñoz
  • CIO

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