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Travelers are so different from each other that it is impossible to establish a standard guest. In order to provide a personalized service for our public, it is best to identify the different classes and classify them according to their interests and needs.

You can make so many profiles of guests as you need. Each profile is a representation of the demographic group that visits your property more regularly. Defining this will help you understand the type of clients your property attracts so you can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalize their experiences as much as possible. If you don’t know the profile of your clients, it will be more and more difficult to attract reservations.

What is a demographic group?

Each tourist accommodation has a core demographic group with a few guest profiles that they typically host. Obviously, the goal is to attract as many guests as possible, and that is only possible if you know your potential client well.

Once you have defined the profile of your guests, it will be easier to establish strategies and manage more fluently:

  • the reservation strategy.
  • the pricing strategy.
  • the marketing strategy.
  • the strategy revenue management.
  • guest experience strategy

The effectiveness of all these strategies will largely depend on how well you define the profile of your hotel guests: segmentation. A hotel management system is very useful for this process, since they collect a lot of statistical information during the reservation process: age, special needs, purpose of the trip, contracted services…

The location of your hotel is one of the factors that most influence the type of client you attract. For example, if your hotel is located in the center of the city, it will attract a different type of guest than if it were located at the beach or in the suburbs. In the same way, the type of guest in a hotel in the mountains than in a modern apartment in the capital is going to be different. 

Examples of types of hotel guests

We are going to see different types of very stereotyped guests to establish an approximate idea of ​​what could be the demographic groups.

Digital nomads

A Digital Nomad is a worker who teleworks full time (either employee from a company or freelance) and therefore can move his office almost anywhere, as long as he has a good internet connection.

This type of guest usually travels alone, they like to interact with other people in the common areas and socialize with the people of the area. The location of the accommodation, the Wi-Fi network and the room are important, since they will spend many hours in it. It is a type of guest that has many similarities with backpackers, who go from one place to another without a fixed place of residence.

Business travelers

Another type of professional host, business travelers. They are not usually in the city to do tourism, so they are interested in a very specific location. Either near the airport/train station, or near the place where they are going to have their meetings or conferences.

When they are not working, they tend to live in the hotel facilities: in their room, in the restaurant or cafeteria or in the gym. For them it is very important to have very precise facilities and services.

Tourists seniors

They look for very organized tourism, with guided excursions, meals planned, transport contracted… But also value the friendliness of the staff and the services that the hotel offers.


They travel with children, so they look for family activities such as visits to cultural attractions, museums, zoos, sports activities… They value the good location of the hotel, the parking service since they usually travel by car, the breakfast included and special services for children .

Luxury Travelers

Luxury travelers pay to obtain an exclusive experience. They tend to plan their vacations in detail, often with the help of an agency.

They tend to be older than the rest of tourists, and demand first-class amenities, exquisite service and meticulous presentations. 

In short, identifying the types of travelers that visit your property gives you all the clarity you need to implement effective strategies. Goguest offers a guest experience and management solution that allows you to understand the spending habits of your guests. Contact our team if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help!