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All industries, especially those of entertainment and leisure, have been undergoing important changes in recent years. The hotel industry is large and diverse: there are many types of accommodations and many different styles of traveling: from the most exclusive and expensive, to the most adventurous, with a smaller budget. 

In a fast-paced environment like the hotel industry, having all the possible data is important to make good decisions, implement the changes that our guests and potential guests demand, and to know the latest trends. This is why hotel statistics also help us to develop and implement increasingly effective marketing strategies and related to our public. It is necessary to have the hotel statistics, but even more important to know how to use them to our advantage. These data will give us the keys to apply innovations, delight our guests, and improve our operations. Knowledge is power.

The utility of statistics for a hotel

Hotel statistics allow you to analyze and quickly respond to your guests’ needs. It helps you make your guests loyal, control all aspects of your business and quickly adapt to any circumstance that requires it.

They also allow hotels to identify opportunities and make more informed  decisions, as well as benchmark their performance against the competition. It is crucial for a successful hotel management to monitor market performance, supply and development, in order to develop efficient strategies.

In addition, having access to this data makes it possible to evaluate marketing strategies already applied and encourage business expansion. 

For all this, having a good software platform that provides us with useful data about our business allows us to move towards a much more efficient, productive, sustainable and customer driven management, marketing and service model. Changes focused on improving the experience and maximizing the satisfaction of our guests: after all, it is the main objective of every hotel, but it is also a great strategy to get better reviews and increase our popularity.

Thanks to the Goguest software, you have access to:

  • Reports and metrics: allows you to get all the hotel data with personalized reports.
  • Statistics: allows you to monitor your revenue and understand the expense generated in your hotel.
  • Meet your guests: makes you understand the guest-hotel interaction and offer them what they need at the right time.

Thanks to Big Data and Business Intelligence, you will be able to convert all this data into insights and thus know the behavior and consumption habits of your guests. Goguest software collects all the individual and group information of the guests, consumption habits and user profiles. You will be able to get to know your customers even better and carry out more precise and effective marketing actions.

It generates personalized reports with the most interesting data about guests and operators and collects all the processes that happen in your hotel (accesses, orders, bookings, sales…), with the possibility of segmenting by days, hours, point of sale, staff, payment method, product…

Hotel industry statistics

But not only the statistics of our hotel can be useful to us, there is also another kind of data that we must take into account: the hotel industry statistics. 

Tourism plays a fundamental role in the economy of Spain. The country has been, for many years, one of the most important tourist destinations internationally, something in which the efficiency of the hotel sector has had a lot to do. In fact, most international tourists in Spain stay in hotel establishments. Undoubtedly, a very important source of income and employment for the country. 

According to a report from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, which brings together the main statistics of the hotel sector globally, the sector is in a moment of full recovery, even so, some areas of the hotel industry experience a higher growth rate than others. 

A clear example is ‘bleisure’ trips (business+leisure). The forecasts are that leisure tourism will reach a figure of 497,500 million dollars this year and that sales will grow at a rate of 19.5%. In addition, 57% of companies allow employees to extend business trips as part of their company policy.

On the other hand, the pandemic forced many people to cut expenses, and domestic travel and tourism increased. The forecast is for the demand for domestic flights to reach 93% of pre-pandemic levels. On the other hand, business travel is expected to fully recover in 2024.