Anticipate guest needs automatically, communicate efficiently


Recommendation engine

Automatically offers services and activities based on the tastes and preferences of the guest.

The recommendation engine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology to create and deliver recommendations for services and activities at the time when you are most likely to be hired.

This system sends recommendations through the web app and by email.


Offer your guests special offers

Offers services, activities and products of the store in a timely manner.

  • You can create the offers that interest you and send them to your guests in real time.
  • You will increase your sales and you will release products and services that you are interested in offering at the right time.
  • Send the offers to all guests, in groups or individually.

Access to room via mobile

Simplify access, your guests will be able to access their room easily with their mobile

A 100% contactless experience in your hotel and without the need to use wearables with our smart door opening system.

Our system works with the most important providers.


Automation of reservations and communication by e-mail

A reservation engine that allows them to be accepted directly, saves time and avoids commissions to third-party channels.

  • You can configure promotions and packages for the automation of reservations.
  • Guests will have confirmation of their immediate reservation through e-mail and the web app.

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